Student Voice

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What students are saying about studying at Kingston College:

  As a mature person who often felt my options were limited in terms of further study, finding the BA (Top up) in Art & Design was a genuine accessible option for me. I was fortunate enough to secure a place and this has probably been one of the best things I have ever done. It has literally changed my life! One academic year later I have managed to bring my work experiences and creative capacity together & develop all of my knowledge and skills further as a socially engaged community artist. I have felt challenged and driven after each and every group and 1:1 tutorial, which has allowed me the scope to dig deeper and be more determined as a creative practitioner. Additionally again, the enthusiasm of the tutors has been inspiring and contagious – It gave me the desire to want to do well. I felt supported and appropriately prodded and directed, especially in the early stages of the course when I really was somewhat overwhelmed at times!

  The course emphasized imagination, creativity, and craft skills, helping me to develop an intellectual way of thinking about art & design – being able to communicate my ideas and concepts with authority and independence as well as working hard in any creative environment. In my current job I have been able to combine my art and design knowledge with a Social Pedagogy qualification to support vulnerable students in educational environment. My creative skills enable me to reach these students through art as well as language, and to open their minds to new forms of learning .  Vera Manion / Epsom

  I am really grateful for the inclusion of the Professional Practice module in the BA (Hons) Art & Design Top-up; it has prepared me for life as a graduate, and it has been a seamless transition into employment. I could not have asked for a better undergraduate experience and would highly recommend this course, at Kingston College, to anybody of any age with an interest in pursuing employment within the creative sector. For me, it was the smaller year groups, the wide range of facilities, the enthusiastic lecturers (with their own creative practices), the knowledgable technicians and the lower tuition fees that made the course stand out above the rest.  Harriet Baggley / Ceredigion

  This course for me so far has been life changing. I consider myself to be extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to complete the FdA and go on to complete the BA. Having had a family at a young age I was not in the position to return to study with small children. But a little older and hopefully a little wiser I chose to return and it’s been the best decision I’ve made. The lecturers on this course have been extremely influential and I feel I have learnt a great deal. My confidence has grown immensely and I believe in my practice like never before. With regards to the academic side of the course, I have to admit I was a little daunted at first but the guidance and support has been incredible. I have never been made to feel inadequate or patronised but listened to and supported in the best way possible. A fantastic course with amazing teaching and I feel extremely privileged to be part of the course!  Andrea Moran / London

  I have just finished the BA in Art & Design At Kingston College, and I can say I had the best time on the course, I wish it could go on. I started the course not knowing exactly what kind of practitioner I was and what exactly interested me in the art world. The first year showed me all the possibilities, tools and facilities I needed to develop as a practitioner. The second year became a little tougher when I had to make a decision as to what kind of practitioner I was – I had to make this choice in order to develop my work further. The third year and the toughest year was all about “the day after” and externality, and this year provided me with a perspective on possibilities and helped me develop future goals whilst developing my own practice as an illustrator. The third year made it easier for me and less stressful when the final year finished, as I knew where I was going, what I was doing and most importantly – how to achieve my goals. One of the things I found amazing on this course was the diversity of practice. We all responded to briefs in particular ways, any yet we could all help each other move forward with our own work and inspirations. I can only say thank you ever so much to the lecturers on the course, I feel confident, I now have the tools to become a great Illustrator! This course has equipped me with the necessary tools to find a job in my chosen field and I would most highly recommend it.  Olivia Haller / France

  My experiences on both the FdA and BA in Art and Design, having arrived from Italy was exceptional – and people often do not believe me when I tell them about it. Most importantly, the atmosphere here was full of passion, humanity and fun – things that I have rarely experienced in an educational environment.  JCCT / Italy

   Studying the BA (Hons) Art & Design (Top-up) provided me with a great insight into the industry and enabled me to develop as a practitioner. I had the most incredible experience, the skills I gained and developed are completely invaluable and I go into the world of work well equipped and confident. The BA (Hons) Art & Design course provides fantastic opportunities, in terms of experience: collaborations, curating exhibitions and the people you met, will remain contacts for the industry: photographers, textile artists/designers and sculptors. The staff are incredibly supportive throughout the course, through regular one-to-one tutorials and formative feedback: it is through this consistent guidance, you reach your full potential.  Lauren Adams / South East

  The FDA and BA courses have not only developed my academic and employability skills, but have also helped shape me, my core concerns in life and the way in which I view the world as a graduate practitioner. My eyes are now wide open.  Bene / London

  I am a 35yr old mother of one, who had been out of full-time education for a very long time. I have never been the academic type and certainly never thought I’d ever get a degree! One, I didn’t think I was clever enough and two, I was frightened I wouldn’t be able to stick it out for the three years. The fact I could do the Foundation Degree and then complete the BA top up separately was a big selling point for me as when I was younger I dropped out of a couple of FE courses and didn’t want this to happen again. It seemed a lot less daunting to do 2yrs and if I didn’t decide to carry on with the top-up I would still come out with a recognised qualification. The Foundation Degree is a fantastic course, ideal for creative individuals who don’t quite know what path in the creative industries they want to pursue. It definitely gives you the confidence and the foundation to “go it alone” if you choose not to continue onto the BA.  The tutors are fantastic at what they do; the course leader is a great all-rounder, brilliant at helping you discover the type of artist or designer you are and always understanding of your concerns no matter how big or small. The same goes for, the contextual studies lecturer, he really knows his stuff!  This is a module that didn’t come naturally to me and I sometimes felt out of my depth but he never made me feel inadequate in any way – he has a great knack of bringing out the best in every student. Thankfully with the support and encouragement of all teaching staff and my peers, I decided to continue my studies and complete the BA. I am now due to Graduate in June 2015, and still can’t quite believe how far I have come. I am completely indebted to the course for seeing something in me way back then and giving me this opportunity. I would definitely recommend both the Foundation Degree and the BA top-up and would encourage anybody who is thinking of applying to do so, especially if you are of mature student age as I don’t think you would get the support you need on any other HE course.   Sarah Cossar / London

  The academic component daunted me at first but again I felt supported and encouraged and after a while I surprised myself with my thirst to understand and write well. I felt stimulated to write in a way that was fundamentally challenging to me. The research element of the course helped me to develop and understand my art practice while bringing all the 4 modules together to make one entity/specialist practice, excited me. This included the professional practice module, which has without a doubt equipped me with the necessary skills to support and prepare me for the real world. I cannot praise this course enough. It is savvy – organized, extremely well structured, focused, controlled, clear and concise. Additionally the diversity of the student’s art practices has been uplifting and educational in itself, to say the least. I have come out the other end a proud confident 1st Class (Hons) graduate who is focused, determined, hopeful, ambitious, equipped and most importantly happy I get to continue my career as a creative practitioner in the community, making a difference and doing what it is I actually want to do in my life. Additionally I have options, options that are highly feasible in these times of austerity. I didn’t see this coming! Teacher training, self-employed, joint business ventures, etc. I really do feel the world is my ‘lobster’. I feel confident I will realize my ambitions! My daughter is proud too, which is lovely for me. I get to be cool for 2 seconds!  Andrea Kenny / London

  I would recommend this course to anyone and in particular mature students who would like to change careers or start a new one. It is an accessible well thought through program of study. It has integrity, logic and determination to equip a student with all the necessary tools to develop and externalize their practice away form the study environment and into the real world.