Caroline Todd


hut encampment

I am a landscape painter, working outdoors and on site. I was a recipient of the John Lewis prize for the Kingston Contemporary Open in 2007, which led to a showcase exhibition made in response to that in 2008 at the Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston University. The show focused on my old Ford Fiesta documented and recorded in different geographical locations and times of day, through a variety of media and techniques. This theme has been extended over the past seven years to incorporate the topographical features of Portland Island, Dorset where for the last twenty years years I have owned a beach hut.

What is important to me is that the experience of making work outdoors is mediated through the work itself – so the light, the wind, the temperature, the hut or car or architectural motifs, become fused with the painting process, exerting an urgency and exactness, and resulting in paintings made largely in one sitting.

I have created a garden around the hut which has ‘guerilla’ components to it and which I extended more recently into a South London estate and led to me conducting a Green Walk from Tate Britain to Beaconsfield, Newport Street for the launch of ‘Spaceship Earth’ in 2011.

In 2013 I mounted an exhibition of my late mother’s work at the Durham World Heritage Site Visitor Centre which was accompanied by a book created in collaboration with Sarah Roesink and Spyros Zevelakis of ideologio a London based design agency. Entitled ‘Iris Todd, Stitching in my own way’ it is a monograph of her work featuring embroideries made over a fifty year period. The book is characterised by a sewn spine and endeavours to explore the process of embroidery, by revealing both the backs and fronts of individual works.

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