Past Staff – Mark Owen

MO_web – personal site – panoramic photography – video

//research profile

Web design – I develop and maintain small to medium scale sites and identities for a range of clients – static html/css and or wordpress based.

Print design – with Clara Vulliamy, a children’s author/illustrator working for Walker Books, Random House, Harper Collins and Orchard Books, I am involved in the development and production of a string of successful children books. I have been instrumental in enabling the illustrator to blend analogue and digital techniques – origination, print, Photoshop, Illustrator, inDesign.

Painting – I am an active, exhibiting painter – composition and formal elements are my central concerns in observational plein air landscape painting.

Video in education – I have steered the BA (hons) Digital Arts course towards an extended use of video for in teaching and learning; we make extensive use of our own screen captured movies for software tutorials, to support conceptual teaching, for feedback, answering student questions and liaising with our external verifier. Increasingly we are expecting students to be involved in this too as a way of presenting work and ideas. I continue to explore the possibilities and effectiveness of this approach in teaching.

MA concerns – as part of my MA Electronic Arts I developed an interest in systems art and the handing over creative control to systems and random processes. Predominantly this grew out of an interest in code and the visualisation of data. This continues to be an interest and can be seen in the generative and sound driven motion graphics work I develop with student


Owen, M (2006) JISC – HE in FE e-Learning Study
A study of the use of learning technologies in delivering art and design courses to HE students in an FE environment [available online at]

Williams, A (2009) JISC – Kingston Access to Science Teaching Across New and Emerging Technologies.

The project aimed to develop and evaluate models of good practice in the implementation of new and emerging technologies for personalised e-learning. My role was envangelising and promoting the use of podcasts and video across the project [available online at]

//practice based research and scholarly activity

crossroads – exhibition of 21 paintings may 2014 Blue Shed Gallery, Ditchling

Landscape – one man show – 30 paintings july 2008 The Illustration Cupboard, Bury Street, London SW1

Recent Paintings – solo exhibition
Cadogan Contemporary, Draycott Avenue London SW3 June 1995

Recent Paintings – solo exhibition
Cadogan Contemporary, Draycott Avenue London SW3 June 1993


preparation of artwork for print, working with children’s author/illustrator Clara Vulliamy

Dixie O’ Day (with Clara Vulliamy/Shirley Hughes) – In The Fast Lane (2013), The Great Diamond Robbery (2014), Up Up and Away (2015), Haunted House (2015) – Random House

Mango and Bambang (with Clara Vulliamy/Polly Faber) (2015) – Walker Books

Martha and the Bunny Brothers (with Clara Vulliamy) – I Heart School (2012), I Heart Bedtime (2013), I Heart Holidays (2014) – Harper Collins

Bubble and Squeak (with Clara Vulliamy/James Mayhew) (2012) Orchard Books

Lucky Wish Mouse (with Clara Vulliamy) – White Christmas (2009), School Balloon (2010), Best Friends (2011), Starting School (2012), Sweet Dreams (2012)