Research Papers

This page contains links to a series of level 6 Research Papers from across a broad range of subject areas within an Art & Design context.  These papers represent the culmination of a focussed year of study, through which practice is underpinned by contextual & theoretical concerns.

“Social Practice Art and Community Art: What are the contrasting characteristics of the two and do these genres fundamentally aim to meet common objectives”

Andrea Kenny

“Discuss the evolution of the Ruin Lust genre”

Liz Murphy

“Historically artists, designers and architects have expanded tile design beyond functionality. What role has tile design played in elevating the status and meaning of the bathroom?”

Margo Roofthooft

An exploration of the phenomenon of artist-designed textiles and the reasons why the gap between textile design and fine art was questioned in mid-20th century Britain.

Maxine Kranck

Shock and Subversion:What are the strategies female artists use to challenge the visual language of patriarchy?

Vera Manion

Art and Artefact: The Role of the Object in Contemporary Art and Curatorial Practice.

Rebecca Jane Johnston

Observation to Creation: Artists’ Attempts to Truthfully Represent Nature.

Rachel Kinsman