Priyanka Halpati

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Priyanka Halpati is a London based watercolour artist, who is highly inspired by nature and botanical flower forms in specifically ‘Orchids’. An Orchid represents elegance and beauty and this mirrors the representational form of a women. Colour plays an important role in her work; which has a symbolic importance. For instance, the colour purple represents royalty, calmness and wealth. She wants to engage her audience in understanding the symbolic meaning of the orchid through close up observations of the little details, which completes the orchid. Small scale painting forces audience to lean into the painting to see the details and traces of the brushstrokes and colours. She works from observation, which helps her understanding of the subject matter in more depth. Her work ranges from working with watercolours, pencil drawings and digital scanographs. She is also interested in the dialogue between the traditional painting techniques and modern technology.