Liz Murphy

IMG_6381Liz Murphy is an artist who thrives on the archivistic and methodical practice of collection and preservation. The current project is concerned with the concept of memory, precious memories that are lost, and the notion of shared memories. Drawing from personal experience, Liz made the film ‘Please Remember Me’, a response to the loss of her father’s memory, specifically his recollection of her. This challenged her sense of identity and made her question the temporality of memory and the impact it has on collective experiences.

Prior to this, Liz’s work was still concerned with identity but the focus was external. The concepts being challenged were the ideas of ownership and the meanings found in “stuff”. By creating a series of collections of donated personal identifiers, Liz has created personality portraits in jars, to be displayed and scrutinised. The portraits come with minimal information; a first name, a letter tag and an inventory completed by the participants themselves.

Previous works have included conceptual exploration of self-awareness, using demarkation and relational aesthetics to force public interaction with a space. The documentation of this process produced fascinating photographic responses and artifacts, illuminating aspects of anthropological interest with regards to the movements of people, and human interaction with our surroundings.