Jane Palmer

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Jane Palmer is a Print and Textile Designer/Maker.

Her print style involves building and layering designs to form unique patterns, with continuous exploration of colour and configuration. Jane turns these designs into meticulously handmade soft furnishings for our home and leisure environments.  A successful career in the TV industry as a Scenic painter has armed her with an expansive knowledge of paint and colour. Often working on a large scale in her TV work, this trickles down into her print style by using large, oversized prints in her designs.

Paint fights, glitter and nostalgic memories of British Music Festivals have inspired her cushion collection, with her final collection to include a range of sleeping bags, pillows, blankets and floor cushions to be used by festival goers in their tents. The aim for her festival range is to bring fun, comfort, warmth and colour into the cold, dull and uninviting tent.