Charlotte Potter


My practice focuses on the derelict beauty of urban and social decline, predominantly through the use of photographic images and paintings. My subject matter includes abandoned spaces, buildings, unwanted broken objects and run down scenes where there is much ‘graffiti’. Recreating the atmospheric, raw element hidden in these ruined areas. The work is created using oils on chipboard or reclaimed wood. Surface and scale are incredibly important to my work, as I want to draw the viewer in and generate impact. A compelling sense of loss and abandonment of what once was. Although there is an obvious absence of humanity, the location shows evidence of the presence of people at some point. My photographs depict a brief and fleeting moment in time as much of the graffiti has now been painted over, the objects removed and the buildings destroyed. There is a strong relationship between my photographic and painted work, with each area enhancing and linking with the other.

Progressed:  MA (Fine Art) UAL, Wimbledon