Giovanni Carano


Giovanni Carano is an eclectic Italian artist based in London interested in a mixed use of techniques, approaches and materials.  His practice involves physical, digital and sound editing aspect, analyzing, deconstructing and re-interpreting our everyday, modern, industrialized, superfluous, and overwhelming society. His driven concern is the concept of ‘error’ as a dramatic breaking point. He rejects the ideas of ‘making’ and ‘producing’ by his constant research for an uncontrollable, random but elegant aesthetic obtained by approaching in his personal way readymade objects. In this contradictory way he questions in which measure a ‘broken aesthetic’ depends on the control applied to obtain it. He started out as a graphic designer and illustrator, whereas he is now looking for new approaches to physical and digital creativity by exploring a wider range of disciplines. Photography, digital editing, coding, glitch art, web design and sound engineering basics.