Kellie Titchener

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Kellie Titchener is a Crafts | Designer | Maker that celebrates the use of handicraft in her practice, informing the making process, the materials and the bodies connective response. Specialising in Textiles, her work currently mixes different craft strategies to build and layer meticulously handmade representational works. Historical human ‘Death Masks’ is fundamental to her practise, fascinated with overlooked fragile details of faces and how a they are preserved as specimens. Her work plays on the reality that flesh can be easily transformed, creating a ‘Life Mask’ procedure inspired to create a physical copy of living subject matter with breathable holes. Fascinated by life and death, she feels her work depicts the process of our lives until this point, freezing the particular moment when our bodies start to decay. Her past in Fashion & Textiles plays an important role to her transference, surrounding the bodies negative space in delicate, fleshy anatomical responses. Her current works involve Knitting, Printmaking, Casting and Metalwork.