Steph Shaw


Through her passions for Ancient Greece and Italy, along with the art produced during the European Renaissance, Steph Shaw, a digital artist, has begun to immerse herself within the genre of Nature Morte and its history.

Using her latest body of work  ‘inanimate objects’ she has begun to focus on replicating 17th Century Dutch Still Life paintings with specific attention to shape, colour and texture of the objects situated within them, through the use of  digital software.

Steph produces  work through the combination of rendered images and videos taken from scenes created in virtual spaces along with the use of photography and the transformation of 2D into 3D through the use of 3D printing.

Her aim with the use of different digital softwares is to be apart of  bringing the still life genre into the 21st century through the combination of past, present and future methods of creating and replicating works of art.