What happens to art once it starts to address sound, image and other forms of media? What affect does this have on the audience? How does one feel when one experiences physical, temporal, visceral effects and so forth?

MA Computational Art Degree Show

These questions might be at odds with the philosophical study of ‘Object-oriented ontology’, which “puts things at the center of being” and not the human experience as such. Darja is interested in the relationship between the two: ‘object’ and ‘subject’. Her present practice mainly features custom software and/or prepared electronic equipment that together create a drawing machine of some kind. The spectators are exposed to real time audio-visual processes, but also invited to emancipate themselves from ‘passive’ spectatorship, suggesting a more engaging form of contemporary art, as their ‘active’ role in influencing the artistic outcome is acknowledged. It is not implied that they are ‘active’ to the extent they become ‘actors’, but to the extent they become part of a more ‘democratic’ meeting between the artist and viewer, taking on a higher level of participation. The correlation between technology and the artist is continually self-evolving and shares a symbiotic relationship whereby the technology is an extension of the artist.


Ba(Hons) Art & Design graduate

Piercing the Veil

Lucy Cox_web

Piercing the Veil September 2015 – February 2016 | Featuring Lucy Cox, who  completed the FdA in Art & Design programme in 2013, and then successfully graduated from the UAL Wimbledon Ba (Hons) Painting course in 2015.

From established artists to new graduates, Piercing the Veil examines the use of obscuration in contemporary art to induce a curiosity about, or longing to get nearer to, that which is concealed.

The show, curated by Jon Sharples, Co-Chair of the Simmons & Simmons Art Network, will include works by artists in our collection – Hurvin Anderson, Alex Gough, Gary Hume, Danny Rolph and Joel Wyllie, as well as works by James William Collins, Lucy Cox, Dangerous Minds, Dan Haycock, Jenny Holzer, Justin Mortimer, Azadeh Nia, Eddie Peake, Natasha Peel, Tom Phillips, Sean Rohr, Andrew Salgado, Dario Srbic, Sophia Starling, Eleanor Watson and Christopher Wool.

Fabulous Graduates 2015

Many congratulations to our graduating Ba(Hons) and FdA in Art & Design students – a fantastic set of results this year, with special commendations to the following graduates:

The Research Paper Award | This recognises excellence in the development of critical & theoretical thinking

Awarded to: Andrea Kenny 

The Studentship Award | Awarded in recognition of significant personal development and sustained levels engagement required to achieve ambitious targets 

Awarded to: Jolene Durante

The Practice Prize | Awarded in recognition of an ambitious and authoritative presentation of work at the final exhibition

Awarded to: Lauren Adams